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The "Red Bag" keeps important information about a care home resident's health in one place, easily accessible to care homes, ambulance and hospital staff.

It meets the need of NICE guideline NG27: Transition between inpatient hospital setting and community or care homes.


The (overnight) Red Bag is a hardwearing carry bag to house the personal property of individuals being transferred between their care home, to hospital and on their return.

The features of the bag are:

  • Easy to carry with handle at the top
  • Wipe clean materials
  • Removable bag for toiletries or medication
  • A4 pocket window for checklist (specific to that patient)
  • Made from weather resistant materials
  • A capacity that would allow for several items (including slippers, pyjamas, glasses etc)

The benefits of the Red Bag are:

  • Allows the ambulance and Hospital staff to assess the needs of the individuals treatment.
  • Ensures all items (once checked) are kept together

When patients are ready to go home, a copy of their discharge summary (which details every aspect of the care they received in hospital) will be placed in the red bag so that care home staff have access to this important information when their residents' arrive back home. 

The Red Bag also clearly identifies a patient as being a care home resident and this means that it may be possible for the patient to be discharged sooner, because the care home has been involved in discussions with the hospital and has an understanding of the residents care needs so they are able to support the resident when they are discharged.


Our red bags meet the needs of care home residents being transferred to and from hospital. The bags have enough room for their essential needs and have a special anti-bacterial coating.

We produce specialist medical bags, including vaccine carriers and specimen transport bags for the healthcare industry. Our experience has allowed us to supply medical bags to hospitals around the UK and worldwide to transport pathology specimens, store confidential patients’ records, carry delicate instruments and protect x-rays.


Here's a great example of how NHS Sutton are getting the benefit from their implementation of the Scheme,


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Our prices start from £40.00 per unit based on order of 200.


We can also assist with the promotional marketing and awareness raising of the Red Bags. Speak to one of the team and we can look to prepare a package that’s specific to your needs.


Call us now or email with your enquiry

Call us now or email with your enquiry

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